Streetsport & streetkultur for børn og unge i Grønland

Living by the board

Our project “Living by the board”:

We are skaters from Sisimiut, the second largest community in Greenland.

The 6th of June 2011, Sisimiut X-treme Riders society was founded. This is the first skateboard, BMX and rollerblades society in Greenland.

In spring 2012 runs the D.I.Y. project “SK8 FOUNDATION”, where we will build an outdoor skate area – a FUNPARK. We have permission from Qeqqata Kommunia/The Municipality of Sisimiut, to build in an area, where there is already a lot of youth activities. This project is funded by private sponsors and the municipality.

In continuation of this project, we wants to support and devolpe the skate-culture with our project “Living by the board”. We will start the first skate-school in Greenland, where young people teach other young people in skateboarding, and where skateboard and entrepreneurship can develop and perform for the benefit of the local community; particularly young people’s visions, skills and creativity. We will also run some urban street cultural activities for kids and young people with events, competetions and workshops.

We will support and challenge urban street culture in Greenland and work against our future dream of an indoor skatepark – a skill-paradise for skaters, artists and entrepreneurs, locally and worldwide.

We believe in global outreach.


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